Best 6 BOSU Exercises

If you have a gym or spend a Bosu, it is often cited as a great way to challenge yourself, take it to a higher level and test their limits BOSU exercises.

BOSU stands for "both sides utilized." It can be laid flat or anywhere across the ball down and can be used for various balance exercises, core, strength and cardio. There are BOSU exercises ways ordained to help you make the most of your Bosu ...

# 1. Use Bosu flat bottom (for extra challenge to pass ball side down) to do basic exercises to an equilibrium level, adding to the bosu ball exercises challenge for them.

Stand on the Bosu try the following exercises: shoulder press, bicep curls, BOSU exercises overhead extensions, squats and lunges with one leg on the ball and a leg.

# 2. With the move to use the handles to the pumps BOSU exercises. Or place the Bosu down, and place your feet on the ball to push bosu ball exercises. This led to the upper bosu ball core exercises pecs more, while the simultaneous participation of the nucleus.

# 3. Using both a stability ball and bridge Bosu test bench. Use the stability ball as a bank for the press, but put your feet on the Bosu and lift BOSU exercises your hips up on a bridge. This highlights the basic buns, hamstrings, chest, bosu ball core exercises triceps and shoulders in one workout bosu ball exercises!

# 4. Try using the flat side of Bosu step aerobic exercise (variations of step ups with weights), but now we need to keep the balance, BOSU exercises and the surface is even smaller!

# 5. bosu ball exercises Try squats irregular travel. To do this, place the flat bottom bosu. Perform a squat with one foot on the Bosu others.

Then step or jump BOSU exercises over the Bosu to the other side. Repeat this exercise for 15 squats on each side. It's harder than it looks!

Bosu good thing is that they are relatively inexpensive and take up very little space under the bed, bosu ball exercises in the closet, etc.

For a greater challenge can also use a stability ball or a basketball or football for several years. Beg. Doing pushups on a football field BOSU exercises.

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